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 MortPlayer Music beta  
 리뷰어 : 투데이

2011-06-22 10:13:15, Hit : 658

분류 : 음악 가격 :

MortPlayer Music beta
소프트웨어 평가:

Simple to use music player for all those who prefer folder structure over tags. (You want your mix folder, not separated by artists, right?).

Home screen Widgets in separate download "MortPlayer Widgets"

- Folder based navigation
- Configurable main directory (e.g. all files below "/sdcard/music" or "/sdcard/audiobooks", individual for each player)
- Ignores .nomedia (you set the directory, should be fine - right?)
- Reads ID3 tags itself (usually less buggy than Androids media library)
- Album art support: ID3 tags (jpg+png, types "other" and "front cover"), AlbumArt.jpg/png, cover.jpg/png, folder.jpg
- Plays all media types supported by core Android (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, M4A, 3GP, MIDI, Wave) and some device specific (WMA, FLAC), but only on devices which support them
- Easy folder/file selection by tapping cover resp. tag info
- Flexible play, shuffle, and repeat modes (stop after track, repeat folder, shuffle files per folder, shuffle all files, ...)
- Supports headset buttons and OpenWatch
- Pause/continue on headset removal/plug and calls
- Sleep mode (stop playback, power off not allowed by Android system)
- Alarm clock
- Swipe gestures
- Selectable layouts (so far only default, car, and big cover) and themes
- Selectable backgrounds (theme color, own images, or wallpapers - even Live Wallpapers)
- Delete and send files
- Supports ScrobbleDroid and Simple last.fm Scrobbler (both interfaces also supported by many other scrobblers, like the official last.fm app)
- Supports equalizer, bass boost, and reverb on devices with Android 2.3
- and some more, just check the preferences...

Recent changes:
- Some minor bugfixes

- Menu instead of file list button
- Configurable menus
- Equalizer and effects for Android 2.3
- Scrolling track information
- Some bugfixes


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